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Photographing in Santorini, Greece

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I have always enjoyed taking photographs ever since college so many years ago when I bought my first camera, a Nikon FM film SLR. A lot has changed in my photography over the years. Cameras have gone from film to digital, lens have gotten better and sharper, and post processing has gone from dodging and burning in the dark room to adjusting hue and saturation on the computer. What has not changed for me along the way is the pleasure I get in making a photograph and bringing it to life, and the satisfaction I get in capturing the awe and beauty I find in the world.

In the beginning it was party pics and class assignments for Deva Hyman's photography class. Soon, though, I was shooting 4x5 landscapes à la Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, and developing B&W prints in my bathroom at night. Later I assisted studio and architectural photographers before striking out on my own. 

Initially, I followed a career path for over 15 years that included a business in digital imaging (digital and graphic illustration, retouching, and pre-press). In 2006, desiring a more stable and lucrative career, I decided to pursue another kind of imaging as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. While not as expressive, it has allowed me to help others, as well as to afford my creative passions.

These days, I am blessed and thrilled to be able to explore even more of the beauty that our natural environment has to offer. I have rekindled my love for shooting landscapes, nightscapes, and travel images, as well as more abstract images. I hope that you enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

David L Brix

(cell/text): 415 516-3588

eMail: david@brix-photography.com

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